Insurance Options

1. Obtain insurance through a third-party insurance agency

See below for recommendations

2. Place a credit card on file for a total of 100% of the entire replacement value of your order

3. Camera Ambassador Protection Plan

Don’t feel like dealing with an insurance company, but still want coverage? Camera Ambassador has your back. We are proud to offer in-house protection on smaller productions!

  • This policy is great for all DSLRs, the C100, a7R, the Blackmagic cameras, and most accessories.
  • This covers you if you rent equipment from Camera Ambassador. You can purchase this on a per-rental basis.
  • Maximum replacement value of entire rental order cannot exceed $10,000.
  • Policy fee = 1% of entire order replacement value. The policy fee is the cost to cover your rental through the Camera Ambassador Protection Plan.

    4. Camera Ambassador Crew Option

    Camera Ambassador realizes insurance is a hassle. We’ve found a way to make it simple.

    Running a little tight on your budget? Wish you didn’t have to spend extra bucks on insurance? Camera Ambassador has found a way to lend our gear to all kinds of shoots without the hassle of buying insurance by introducing the “Crew Option”.

    Base Crew Option - $250 per 12 hour day

    Take a Camera Ambassador employee on set and consider your entire rental order insured. We handle all insurance claims, so you can focus on your production. $250 per 12 hour day.

    Extended Crew Options - Contact for prices

    Extended Crew Option is perfect for you if you plan on hiring crew hands, as well as need insurance. If you hire any set role listed below through Camera Ambassador, you'll get an industry professional ready to work hard AND built-in insurance coverage!

    PA OPTION - Our employees are ready to work hard on your set. Choose this option when all other department needs are filled.

    1st AC OPTION - Need someone to pull focus? Our Camera Ambassador employees are fully trained and experienced in professional AC work. Let us be there to assist your camera team. Also a great option when you're looking for a knowledgable gimbal balancer!

    SOUND OPTION - Camera Ambassador can take care of your audio needs while providing insurance for any of your rented audio gear! Let us help record your next project.

    GRIP/ELECTRICIAN OPTION - Our grips are prepared to work ready and fast.

    GAFFER OPTION - Our gaffers come prepared to take care of all your lighting needs. Take advantage of insurance for any lights you’ve rented and an on-site gaffer from Camera Ambassador with the Gaffer Option!

    DP OPTION - Hire a certified DP from Camera Ambassador for your next project and get full insurance coverage on your entire project. Our DP’s have shot for national commercial campaigns, music videos on MTV, and an array of credited feature films and documentaries. Choose this option and don’t worry about the camera. This option ensures your full focus on set.

    PRODUCTION OPTION - We make you’re project, the Camera Ambassador way! - Choose this option when you want Camera Ambassador to act as your full production team. The Production Option incorporates all of the positions listed above, as well as full insurance coverage on all equipment. With this option, Camera Ambassador handles all things technical. Save the most money by choosing the Production Option. Don't forget to ask about our editing rates, too!

    Call (773) 791-6522 for estimates!

    We know you don’t want someone policing you on set. Follow our 4-step checklist and stay in the green. It’s easy to use our gear correctly. Do so, and you'll save money by choosing the Crew Option.

    1. The Camera must be safe. Sandbags must be used when not being handled by an operator.
    2. Cables running from the camera must be secured. Make sure to bring gaff tape!
    3. Do not leave any equipment unattended.
    4. Always keep the camera sensor covered and lens caps on when not in use.